• DALi

    DAnce your Life.

    Art your Time.


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  • DALi's Four Concepts


    ↓ DALi’s four contributing concepts to growth and happiness. ↓


  • 1. To make time more colorful and flavorful.






    DALi is the world's first time managing tool designed from a neuroscientific perspective.


    Not an ordinary calendar.

    Not a normal TODO list.

    Not a common project managing tool.


    It is a tool that will help you learn effectively and become happiER.






    DALi’s “DA” stands for dopamine.

    Dopamine is a chemical substance produced in the brain when you are seeking/wanting/liking something.

    It will enhance your performance and create a pleasure feeling.


    Decorate your calendar in a DA mode,

    and all the different “colors” of your life will accelerate your productivity and growth.








  • 2. A calendar that exceeds your imagination.






    From a calendar that simply manages your schedule

    —to a calendar that amplifies the pleasure of fun events, accumulates reflective learning, and enhances awareness of all the big and small happy moments in your everyday life.





    It is a calendar that emphasizes your relaxing, fun, and loving moments

    (which are considered crucially important to one’s happiness even from a neuroscientific point of view).


    The world’s first calendar that goes beyond the concept of currently existing calendars.








  • 3. Say goodbye to meaningless TODO lists.






    Some people will mark the task off the list even when it is only half done

    while others will leave it blank even though it is half done.


    This ambiguity keeps many people away from TODO lists.





    DALi will radically change this.


  • 4. A strategist who colors time.






    Organize your tasks in detail by breaking up any projects into an hierarchical structure.


    Create your very own unique motivator list that awaits you.


    Grasp these colors of your life and art your time.


    By organically combining calendars, TODO lists, and project management tools that previously existed independently, it will lead you to become a strategist who colors time intuitively.








  • DALi's Features


    ↓ Here’s some more features that accelerate growth and happiness. ↓


  • Pleasant for your eyes and for your brain.


    Color not just the future but your past as well, and art your very own calendar.


    The fun times of your future will be colored on your calendar.


    Bright colors will be used to color your completed events.



    Becoming aware of your motivators.


    We would like to suggest an idea to help your brain perform to its fullest.

    Sprinkle these three elements on your calendar.


    Treasure them. Soak yourself.




    Take 1 minute to look back on your task.


    Information processing of our senses and emotions will become increasingly important in the coming years.


    Reflect on your senses and emotions of any events by a method designed from a neuroscientific point of view.


    Let’s grow awareness of your "feelings” (or the brain’s Salience Network).



    Every minute counts.


    Nurture your non-verbal "feelings".




    Grasp the progresses of your tasks at a glance.


    The progresses will be shown on the side of the calendar.


    The deadlines, the progresses, the scheduled amount of time,

    and the actual amount of time spent will be described.




    Searching for your free time will become super easy.


    Just enter some simple conditions, and there you go.


    Register your schedule using the result, or copy and paste the candidate dates and send it to your co-workers.


    Finding free time was never this easy.


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    The above basic functions can be used free of charge.

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    DALi is created by DAncing Einstein Co., Ltd.

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  • DALi's Creators

    They are working for DAncing Einstein Co., Ltd.

    Mizuto Aoto - DAE Founder/CEO & Neuro-INVENTOR



    新技術も活用し、ドーパミン(DA)が溢れてワクワクが止まらない新しい学び体験と教育・共育をデザインすべく、株式会社DAncing Einsteinを2014年に創設し、Founder CEOも務める。同社において、人の成長と幸せを追求し、積極的に技術応用し、学校、企業、学生、先生、社会人、などの垣根を超えた人の成長と幸せ探究に携わらさせて頂いている。

    Sage Nagata - DAE Software Engineer